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Offers & Engagement

A deposit or the full price of a lesson must be paid in a minimum of 48 hours in advance to secure a time slot.

Complete beginner offer can only purchase 1 of the 2 special offers.


Driving Instructors

All our driving instructors are registered with DVSA governing body and have passed DBS check.

Our driving instructors are not permitted to smoke or vapour whilst with a client.

No offensive language is permitted.


Meeting of instructor-client first time

The driving instructor must have his registered badge in the left of the front windscreen.

The client must be in procession of licence and be able to read a number plate at the correct distance as set out by www.gov.uk, unless the driving licence has been checked by instructor online prior to the lesson.


Special Prices & Offers

For special prices and offers the first free hour is for the test duration with the examiner. The second free hour is for 1 hour before the test with the examiner.

No refunds if the pupil leaves before sitting a test.

These are not transferable to other drivers.

Only one offer is permitted to a named pupil


Health & safety

You must disclose any disabilities learning problems with the instructor prior to sitting in the drivers’ seat for the first driving lesson.

You must always be fit to drive, no alcohol for 12 hours before driving.

Prescribed tablets & medicines must be compliant to driving rules as set out by government rules and licence authority if in doubt seek medal advice.

No injuries that will affect the control of the vehicle.

If under influence of drink or drugs lesson will be aborted and the full booked appointment will be charged a full non-discounted fee as shown on the website.



48 hours is required if less then the full pre-booked lesson will be charged.

Doctors/hospital/dentist note is acceptable, any other reason is at the discretion of the Instructor if the charge of the lesson is wavered.


Driver responsibility

Whilst learning we must follow Highway Code procedures.

Any motoring offences that may occur whilst the client is driving, the law states that the driver is named and receives whatever the offence at the time, we endeavour to reduce the risk of this happening, but it may not be possible at the time.

If we believe that rules totally discard the highway code rules intentionally, lesson/s will be aborted, charges for the full booked appointment will be charged.



Aborted lessons o late cancellations no refund will be given by the instructor.

Refunds are between client and instructor.

Promotional packages are for the named person only, promotion cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Aborted lessons or withdrawal of vehicle to the client is charged at the pre-booked time duration. Any wavering of not charging for a lesson is solely between client and Instructor at the time.



Any vehicle our client sits in are Legal as set out by www.gov.uk, DVSA VOSA and highway agency.

If the vehicle on driving lesson develops a fault, then instructor would add the remainder of the lesson time to their client’s diary so that you get the additional time.

If vehicle develops a fault on the day of the test, then Instructor will rebook driving test at no charge and will also give client 1 hour for test and 1 hour prior to test starting time free.


Threatening Behaviour

The instructor is authorised by www.gov.uk, DVSA and police to report any such incidents.


Aspiration Driving School

Will make contact to get feedback on your lessons and take on board any negative comments and also any ideas the client may have to make their experience more rewarding or for others. “Client feedback is instrumental to the success of our company”


Health & safety

You must always be fit to drive, no alcohol for 12 hours before driving, prescribed tablets & medicines must compliant to driving rules as set out by government rules and licence authority.

No injuries that will affect the control of the vehicle.

Cancellations must be within the package that you have signed for, doctors/hospital/dentist note is acceptable, any other reason is at the discretion of the Instructor if the charge of the lesson is wavered.

Whilst learning we must follow Highway Code procedures.

If we believe that rules totally Disregarding the rules intentionally lesson/s will be aborted.


Driving test

Driving tests for use of driving school vehicle, will only be permitted when we are sure that you can the test, if this is not possible then test will not go ahead unless we believe that additional hours can get you to standard and you adhere to the recommendations, if the recommendations are not accepted either you reschedule/cancel test or the use of driving school vehicle will be refused.

We are obliged at any point to withdraw our vehicle for the test up to the point going into the test centre if we believe test examiners and other road users are at risk.



Our vehicle/s are maintained for health & safety and requirements of vehicle standard agencies.

A fault can happen at any time on the vehicle, if there is a health & safety problem then the vehicle will be withdrawn from lesson/test charges etc are in the signed package that you chose.



Is not allowed at any time in the vehicle by pupil/instructor/examiner. If you wish to have a cigarette on driving lesson then this will be allowed but a smoking break will be deducted from the driving lesson, whilst smoking you must be 100 metres away from the driving school vehicle.


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