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Get your Category B+E licence to tow your horsebox, caravan or any type of trailer – IT’S THE LAW!

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Our Towing Courses are DIFFERENT!

Why do I a need Trailer Training, Caravan Training or Towing Course?

Whether  you want to improve your skills reversing your caravan, or don’t possess a Category B+E licence to legally tow your trailer, we can help! Aspiration Driving School provide top quality towing tuition in the North East AND yes, we’re different! Our tuition is TAILORED to your individual needs.

Our instructors will give you the confidence to drive safely and pass your DVLA towing test. We provide practical experience to build confidence and NOT just pass your test!

What are the benefits of Trailer Training?

You are legally entitled to tow on public roads
We cover everything you will need for your test
Gain practical experience to build confidence
Learn braking techniques, accelerating with a load, cornering effectively and reversing to become a safer driver

Is it possible this may affect your job? Can you afford to take the risk? Please check this and if you are in any doubt contact us to avoid prosecution.

We’re a friendly bunch… Call us on 0191 500 9775 (24hr service) and start your journey!

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If you own a horsebox trailer, caravan or any type of trailer you must have a Category B+E licence. Many drivers are unaware that if they passed their test after 1st of January 1997 they are not legally entitled to tow, even then weight limit restrictions apply.
Penalties for not having the correct entitlement mean you run the risk of 9 points on your licence, and a fine; 3 points for ‘no category’, 6 points for ‘no insurance’ and there could also be a fine of £400+.
The towing driving test comprises 6 parts, as follows:
  • Eyesight check
  • Vehicle safety questions
  • Reversing your vehicle and trailer
  • Driving ability
  • Independent driving
  • Uncoupling and recoupling of the trailer
In total you will drive for about 50 minutes.

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Driving instructor Newcastle, Wallsend, North Tyneside, Whitley Bay, Gateshead, Sunderland, South Shields and the surrounding areas.


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